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Welcome DHS Club Member
My name is Mike Archer (DHS membership coordinator) I invited you here because I have tried to contact you by E-mail  with no success. This could be for a number of different reasons. Most common is a lot of good important mail gets delivered to our spam box then deleted without being opened. It is important that I be able to contact you by e-mail, so I can answer any questions or concerns you may have about all the benefits DHS offers. And you will want to know about up to date discounts,new benefits and exciting opportunities! 
Please send me a good e-mail address.
Locate e-mail sent to you in your spam box.
Subject: Save Gas,Time and Money!
and mark it not spam, Also you can add me to your contacts or address book.
Thank You For Your Attention To This Matter.
 Have you checked out your member portal website?  

Valid E-mail Please
Full Name Please

P.S. I highly recommend upgrading to become a VIP.
There are hundreds of members upgrading to VIP
every month and for good reason. I'm glad I did!